When Your Heart Can’t Smile

[translated by Anita Rijadi]

Recently, I observed Facebook with all of its “heart-crying” statuses. I realized that some of my friends are going through hard times. Well, so to speak, I am one of them.

Coincidently, I’ve just gone through a devastating experience. But I think I went through this “dark times” quite well. Even one of my friends here wondered why I acted like there’s nothing happened and overcome the problem calmly. I went through those days like I go through my usual days.

Before I explain why I could go through my devastating experience well, I’d like to explain a little bit about human psychology.

There are 3 main elements in us that have a big impact in our lives. They are M E BMind, Emotion, and Body. These 3 elements are intertwined and interrelated.

If there’s any change in our emotion, the other two elements change. If there’s any alteration in our mind or body, the other two elements are affected. Read More